Why Raptoreum and not a meme coin?

We are working to solve real-world problems and create ways that help drive the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Raptoreum provides a safe and fast cryptocurrency with optional levels of anonymity that anyone can easily use. But even more than that, Raptoreum is building an easy-to-use asset platform that will allow anyone to tokenize anything (non-fungible tokens) with just a few clicks. That same platform, while simple, will also be extremely flexible, powerful, and scalable. dApp developers will be able to use flexible smart contracts and the asset platform to tailor their dApps to their needs. Raptoreum’s security and decentralization features allow anyone to use and develop Raptoreum with confidence.


Easy and Powerful asset platform

Raptoreum is adding an asset layer that will allow anybody to quickly and easily create a non-fungible asset/token. Trustless on-chain transfers of these assets will be possible once smart contracts have been added.  Summarizing a secure and ASIC/FPGA resistant Proof Of Work Cryptocurrency that also allows for asset creation, futures, and smart contracts, while remaining immune to 51%/double spend attacks.

What is GhostRider Algorithm?

GhostRider is an algorithm created specifically for Raptoreum. It was built to discourage specialty hardware such as ASIC & FPGA, enabling anybody to competitively mine it and increase overall decentralization.

“It’s a collection of algorithms, the x16r and CryptoNight families, cycled in random and not so random patterns used to gain consensus on the chain generation and transaction of coins.”

51% Double spend protection shield

LLMQ & Chainlocks have been active since March 04 2021 protecting the Raptoreum network from 51% / double spend attacks. The activation of Chainlocks makes Raptoreum one of the most secure Cryptocurrency and asset platforms available today.

Multi-language Smart Contracts

Raptoreum smart contracts will be stored and executed on Smartnodes. This allows for scaling and avoids the congestion problems seen in Ethereum. This provides greater flexibility in the supported programming languages. 3 to 4 main programming languages ​​will be available for Raptoreum smart contracts.

Raptoreum Futures

Lock RTM coins or assets into a special transaction, and have them automatically released at a certain blockheight or timestamp.

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Meanwhile we invite you to use one of the best platforms ever created until now.

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Completion of “DASH To Mainnet” final testnet phase.

Mainnet launch February 26th 2021

Established first effective LLMQ and chainlocks.

Listing of RTM on first exchange/exchanges

Sufficient size quorum for deployment of “Futures” soft fork.

Deployment of “Futures”.

Initial public work on new transaction type for coloured coins type assets.

Assets and accompanying quorum codes live on Testnet.

Initial public work on expansion of Smartnode capabilities.

Smart contracts live on testnet.

Assets live on mainnet.

Initial development of a quorum integrated mobile wallet.

Smart contracts on testnet at least 3 major programming languages.

Powered by a great Team TEAM

The Raptoreum team combines passion for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain development projects in current and future global finance.
No corporate financing, no corporate direction, and that will never change.

The privacy and anonymity of each of the developers, member and founders will be protected until they decide otherwise.

Founder & Developer
Lead Developer
Developer & Security

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Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided a bit of Raptoreum Information. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below. Or Visit the Discord server.

Is a secure and ASIC/FPGA resistant Proof Of Work Cryptocurrency that also allows for asset creation, futures, and smart contracts, while remaining immune to 51%/double spend attacks.

The way to have Raptoreum is either by exchanging it on authorized exchange platforms for other cryptocurrencieslike Bitcoin, or by mining yourself with your computer's cpu. Raptoreums are not sold on any website, remember that and do not let yourself be scammed.

No, Raptoreum is not an RC20 token or any kind of Token, Raptoreum is a Mineable Cryptocurrency, real and true like Bitcoin or Ethereum but with its blockchain, structure and improved algorithm.

Raptoreums is a real, Decentralized and 100% Secure Cryptocurrency, which makes it a digital asset, which can be very useful in our society, if you acquire Raptoreum now, it could be an asset whose value would increase and would guarantee that your capital and Purchasing power does not plummet because of current monetary systems and traditional centralized and always-at-risk economies.

Yes it is, but we remind you that each Exchange is autonomous and they are not directly related to us, We believe as long as you have the accounts of your exchanges with good security and your passwords safe, you should be very good. We recommend that you have Double Factor authentication (2FA) activated, and always activate SMS security and other security measures. There is always the risk of exchanges being compromised and cyber-attacked, and your funds disappearing, but that is foreign to us. You must decide which exchanges you are going to use, and if you want more security we recommend you mine your Raptoreums and not depend on Third Parties.

Each exchange works by supply and demand, prices are established by the free market

No, we definitely recommend obtaining Raptoreums only from authorized exchanges or mining them on your own.

Yes, you can do it through group mining and also directly from your wallet, the difficulty of the Raptoreum network makes it difficult to mine a block with just the wallet. If you want reliable and regular payments, it is recommended to use pool mining. Doing it with your wallet would be a long process to receive your reward from the block. We also recommend that you ask the mining pool of our official Discord server or go to review the related documents https://docs.raptoreum.com/#/howtomine

We recommend that you follow what is established in our documents (https://docs.raptoreum.com/#/howtomine) the process will depend on your operating system and your type of processor (CPU), at Discord we have free 24-hour assistance from people in the community who can help you. In addition to the fact that to expand your knowledge you can visit tutorials of people who are already mining and who leave their experiences on YouTube, we do not recommend following any links that they leave in those videos, we recommend that you only use official links. from raptoreum .com

Due to the current sensitivity of antivirus, they always protect users from downloading files that require special permissions. You must grant the respective authorization so that the software can perform its functions, by authorizing it once, the antivirus will no longer warn you. We remind you that for your peace of mind everything related to raptoreum is open source and can be downloaded and audited by any company or person on github.

To make Raptoreum as fair as possible, you can only mine with CPU at the beginning. GPU mining is not supported yet. Solo / Pool CPU mining is available. If you encounter any issues and need help, please join our official Discord for support. Also note that this documentation is subject to change as new miners are developed. As soon as a new optimized miner is available, we will always try to update the documentation accordingly.

Smartnodes are responsible for storing and executing smart contracts, having nodes handle contracts rather than adding them to blocks greatly reduces the chances of scaling issues, like Ethereum has been experiencing. In addition this also allows larger smart contracts and a wider variety of languages that can be used to create them.

No you can't, node collaterals were created to prevent hyperinflation. A common and potentially devastating problem with many projects using Masternodes.

Yes, you can use it whenever you want. But keep in mind that each node receives its reward, only if at the time of delivery the node is active, in case it is not active, it will not receive that specific reward and will be penalized. Raptoreums are always yours and you can have them whenever you want. For more help remember to ask the community on the official discord server in the Smartnodes group

The amount depends on the block that has been mined. We remind you to visit the page: (https://docs.raptoreum.com/#/?id=smartnodes) so you can see the table that specifies the collateral depending on the network block.

Yes, you can make a backup copy of each wallet and recover it in case your computer has been damaged or lost, it is logical and recommended that each time you generate an address to receive, keep the private key, or do It copies the entire wallet, it is very easy to do it, remember that you must always give administrator permissions when opening your wallet, and, in that way, the changes, the synchronization and the orders that you give in the debugging console will be saved and the changes.

Private keys are stored in your wallet. When youfirst load the wallet there is no password and it is NOT encrypted. To encrypt the wallet, go to the Settings menu dropdown and select Encrypt Wallet. SAVE THIS PASSWORD - if you lose it, you lose access to all of your Raptoreum funds!!! The wallet will now restart with the encrypted file.

Private keys are the input to your wallet and only you know the password for its encryption. With those two things they can access their funds. If the computer or device you use to install your wallet is infected with some kind of malware or virus, of course it could be hacked, not only your wallet would be in danger, all your personal keys and all your privacy on the Internet would be. This is why we recommend that the device you use to store your wallet is a device that has the latest operating system updates available and has a good antivirus running. With that you will minimize the risk of being the victim of a hacker.

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